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ChurchGurl Foundation
The ChurchGurl Foundation, a 5O1c(3) tax exempt social program under the arm of The Peters Family Enterprise, Inc.  It exist to educate, train, invest in and nourish the growth of girls into women and to combat the negative impacts of low self-esteem, poor self-image/self- acceptance and under-developed skills.  We believe that it is paramount for women to have fundamental employment skills, this is why we offer workshops on creating resumes and preparing for interviews. 
The acronym "G.U.R.L.S" represents integrating faith into mainstream skills such as life decisions, education and training to combat social problems and challenges that are limiting their vision and ability to achieve greatness. We promote learning new technology, new media channels and entertainment platforms to educate at-risk girls/women, ages 16-35, in developing self-help skills. Using these new skills, the girls can guide themselves to healthy recoveries, interventions and sustainable core value systems that strengthen their ability to mature into healthy citizens and contribute to healthy communities. These ladies want to be an asset to the community, not a liability and the ChurchGurl Foundation supports the journey into becoming just that. It is not a passive experience, but an aggressive personal development that translates into sustainable product and Christian growth and revenue streams by and for the well-being of those who take full advantage of the knowledge that is given to them.
Church girls are a unique global community; a movement linked by their common faith, talents, fellowship and social platforms. The ChurchGurl Foundation exist to create and produce awareness, products and services promoting social and spiritual change & leadership, innovations, educational excellence, volunteerism, social responsibility and sustainable sisterhood.
The ChurchGurl Foundation board is multidisciplinary team who seeks to provide resources to align with like- minded women who have made a mainstream impact and who seek to create solutions and generate measurable results and positive outcomes. We are committed to generating platforms where women of color are engaged in and leading social change.
In accomplishing our mission, we will focus on service to our communities, education, mentorship, wealth creation; engage in our God-given gifts to reflect the images of positive and self-confident women.