ChurchGurls Rock
Churchgurl Foundation, Inc.

About Michelle Peters, Founder


The ChurchGurl Foundation and ChurchGurls Rock! is the brainchild of Michelle Peters, CEO of ChurchGurl Signature Rhinestone Tees, which has become a movement of its own. She realized that the brand affirmation and trademark, "ChurchGurl"  needed to be more than a slogan on tees. As a black woman, she felt that images in the media often depict us as under-educated, lacking culture, class, direction and trust in one another. “If we have self-esteem issues, this depiction impacts how we feel and see ourselves”says Michelle Peters.  She affirms, “ChurchGurls Rock because we believe in the SOLID ROCK but we need to confidently feel that steady rock in our core and many of us do not, that’s why we need a rockin’ refresher. Moreover, we want ChurchGurls to be as solid as sororities; to feel a connection the minute we meet a fellow ChurchGurl.”  Michelle has been mentoring young black girls since the 1990’s.  She has been told that she is “rock” hard but she defends it by saying that she is quick to let her mentees know how wonderful they are while working on a plan with promising potential. "For 20 plus years..I’ve been encouraging ChurchGurls to make wise decision, express themselves in a positive manner, participate in the arts, cultural and community projects, learn basic financial literacy, be a public servant and most of all, do ministry and encourage your children to as well."  Her efforts help to enhance the girls/women self-esteem but feels that more needs to be done. “My heart-felt goal is to unite all ChurchGurls as true and honest sisters. Michelle believes that ChurchGurls are resilient, talented, intelligent and gifted; so much so, she trademarked the phrase, “ChurchGurls Rock in 2010”